Thinking of having a video made for your business? Think mobile first.

No matter what your thoughts are on the best way to market your business, in 2016 one thing is not in question; we are now a mobile first society. By this I mean, our mobile phones are our prime device of choice when we go online.

No matter what the reason; to find out something, to buy, check a fact, communicate, compare (this list could go on but you get my point) we reach for our mobile first.

So in terms of producing a video for your business, how does this affect what you create?

  1. Size of screen – you have roughly a 5×3 inch space to make your message heard. Make sure your video stand outs visually with a clear, clean message.
  1. Location – Where we watch video has changed. We can now consume information ANYWHERE. Public transport, coffee shops and just walking down the street (its ok, I’ll move!) Quite often this means we are unable to hear the audio from a video. So ask yourself this; if I watch my video on mute does it get the message across? There are several solutions to this issue, the most common being the use of graphics and animation.
  1. Length of video – In a word – short. We advise 60 seconds maximum for a promo, but in my opinion stating a time limit on a video’s length is missing the point of mobile engagement with video. The reason we, as consumers, interact with our mobiles is to engage with news.Be it from our social media news feeds, BBC news app or from our emails. No matter where the information is from the one thing it all has in common is that it is NEW.This is how businesses should be viewing their video output – as news.

    News about an event, new product, new member of staff, new client, new offer…the list goes on.

    And as such your video should be a bite sized nugget of information, as long as it needs to be to get the news across to your audience.

  1. Where do you want your video viewed? On youtube, facebook, twitter, email?All of the above is the answer and all are easily accessible on a mobile but you should have one aim in mind – give the viewer a call to action to get them to click through to your website where you can engage with them further and hopefully collect their data.Alan Tisch – Sync Media
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