Antique ring! How we restored a much loved piece of Jewellery!

I had a client that wanted us to make them a bespoke wedding ring to match their antique engagement ring. They saw the engagement ring in a shop and fell in love with it, bought it second hand and didn’t think anything else of it.


They loved that it had a green brilliant cut diamond with two triangle diamonds on the side. They wanted us to make a shaped wedding band to fit with their engagement ring. When we were looking at the engagement ring we started to notice a few problems with it. Because the ring was old it had obviously been worn alot and parts of the ring had actually worn out completely. The settings on the triangle diamonds were that worn that the diamonds were loose and could have been lost very easily.  Normally you can tighten up the settings but because this was an antique ring they were worn so badly they needed replacing.


The centre diamond had had some repair work on the claws but the diamond had not been set straight so it was wonky. The ring also had some small diamonds added at some time on the shank (the bottom section of the ring). Unfortunately they had been put in badly so they needed repairing. Basically the whole top section of the ring needed work, my clients who had not had the ring that long said they would take it back to where they had bought it from for them to sort out. The shop sent the ring away to their specialist to repair, they had the ring for 3 weeks and when my clients chased them as their wedding was in less than 4 weeks, they were told that the specialist couldn’t repair the ring for them. The reason they couldn’t repair the ring is because the jeweller was a “jobbing jeweller” not an expert. They would have tried to solder parts on and we know that using solder to make this part of the setting wouldn’t work and that the ring couldn’t be fixed like.


We knew that we could redesign the ring on our 3d CAD system, so we were able to redesign and copy the existing head/setting but make it with new thicker settings so they would last a long time. Almost like when the ring was made all those years a go! It also meant that the new head/setting section would be cast in one section so it meant that we only had one solder joint either side. If the ring had been made like in the old days you would have had a minimum of 4 solder joints, so by doing it our way it does make the ring stronger as you have less joints.


So we made a new head/setting for our client and then we had to make the shaped wedding band to fit with the engagement ring. We sent the engagement ring off so we could get a 3d scan done of the ring. Having a 3d scan meant that we then had the exact shape and measurements of the ring to import into our CAD system so Karl could create the wedding band to fit perfectly.


Again we designed the ring so it could be cast in one solid piece, if it was made in the old way you would have had about 4 solder joints in the ring making it weaker at those joints. We managed to get both the engagement ring and wedding band designed and made in less than 4 weeks and we normally allow 4-6 weeks per ring so it was a very busy time with a deadline/wedding that we couldn’t change!!


My clients also wanted to add some green and white diamonds into the wedding band so both rings had green and white diamonds. They were unsure of how many diamonds they wanted and they also liked the idea of being able to add diamonds into this design at a later date! So we said come and sit with us and we will set the diamonds whilst you are with us, after all this is your ring and we love to get our clients involved in the design process as much as possible. So they sat with us and decided on two green and one white diamond, the opposite to the engagement ring. They then watched Karl set them, waited for the rings to be polished and took them both away on the same day. They do want to come back at a later date so they can add some more, maybe on their anniversary.


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